The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism, its congregations and members express our support and solidarity with Reform congregations in the United States and with many American Jewish movements and organizations, in the reality of the disgraceful and dangerous events that took place on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. These events cast a heavy shadow on the values and strength of the American democracy, and indirectly on all democratic societies in the world. We are convinced and certain in the ability of American society and American democracy to overcome the significant challenges being faced, and know that like all other places in the world including Israel this is dependent on the public rallying of individuals and communities.

We reach out our hands in solidarity to our brothers and sisters, members of the United States Reform Movement in their unrelenting efforts to ensure the democratic strength of American society over the past years and in their clear and decisive stand against the actions, style of expression and policies that in the final analysis led to the burst of violence in the “holy of holies” of American democracy. At a time when spiritual and public opinion leaders closed their eyes and remained silent in the face of the deterioration of the public political discourse, the American Reform Movement maintained and presented a clear, responsible and moral voice, that was a source inspiration for us in Israel as well. We pray that the shameful pictures from the US Congress will lead to internalization of the heavy price paid by governments and societies around the world for the unbridled and irresponsible actions of political and religious leaders.

Together with many Israelis and American Jews we felt nausea in seeing Israeli flags waved by some of the demonstrators who attacked Capitol Hill. In the face of these demonstrators and for all who connect support for the state of Israel or the values of Jewish tradition with extreme and fanatic viewpoints, it would be appropriate to declare the words from last week’s Torah portion:

"Let not my person be included in their council, Let not my being be counted in their assembly" (Genesis 49:6)

The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism joins the Reform Movement in North America and throughout the world in continuing to strive tirelessly to nurture democratic values, equality, and religious tolerance and together we will stand against political and religious fanaticism, and racism. Together with likeminded partners from the Jewish and general community we will continue to “L’ taken olam bmalchut shadai”(Repairing the World in the image of God)” and to follow the eternal teaching of our prophets:

"He has told you, O human what is good, And what God requires of you: Only to do justice And to love goodness, And to walk modestly with your God"
(Micah 6:8)

See public statement of the North American Reform Movement regarding the events on Capitol Hill.
Tel Aviv city hall lights up in red, white and blue in solidarity with US
Dear partners and friends,

In these troubling and chaotic times that we are living through, it is important to also acknowledge and rejoice in our success and achievements.

One of these remarkable achievements, which we are sure many of you are aware of, is the publication of the new Israeli Reform Siddur, Tfillat HaAdam.

Our new Siddur is the result of a process of over six years of study, debate and discussion led by our editors, Rabbi Professor Dalia Marx and Rabbi Dr. Alona Lisitsa. Input came from many Rabbis, cantors, scholars, lay leaders of the Israel Reform Movement along with contributions from Israeli academics and literary figures, and colleagues from around the world.

The Siddur includes a wide variety of creative works from Israeli and Jewish sources. It succeeds in preserving traditional prayers while simultaneously offering updated liturgy and texts based on today’s attitudes towards egalitarianism and gender, and sensitivity to the variety of views that make up our pluralistic movement.

As the first printed copies of the new Siddur are making their way to our congregations across Israel (and will soon also be available overseas), we are happy and excited to invite you – our partners, friends and supporters from around the world, for the International Unveiling of the new Israeli Reform Siddur, on January 28th - Tu B'Shvat 5781, at 8pm Israel time, 1pm EST.

Together with the editors of the new Siddur, leaders of MARAM and the IMPJ and partners from Israel and around the world, we will celebrate this joyous and historical milestone in the life of our movement in Israel.

(זֶה הַיּוֹם עָשָׂה יְהוָה נָגִילָה וְנִשְׂמְחָה בוֹ" (תהלים קי"ח כ"ד"
"This is the day that God has made— let us exult and rejoice on it." (Psalms 118:24)

Wishing you safety and Refuah Shlema.
Yours - .

Israel Movement for Reform & Progressive Judaism
13 King David St.
Jerusalem, Israel
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